Offshore Electronics is a Guernsey based Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) company providing a complete and cost effective solution for all your outsourced electronic manufacturing requirements.


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6th November 2023

Investing in People

Offshore Electronics Continues to Pave the Way in Contract Electronics Manufacturing.Offshore was…
10th April 2019

Time to Market

The industrial world is changing at a blistering pace as technologies that were only recently…
31st May 2018

Looking at the fine print

As the foundation of any electronic product, the quality of each PCBA has to be the highest…
15th May 2018

What makes a good partner?

If you’ve decided that outsourcing your electronics manufacturing makes sense, your next step is…
25th April 2018

What makes a good CEM?

We’re often asked about the difference between Offshore Electronics and other contract…
12th December 2017

Resource management

Resource management is the efficient and effective organisation of a company’s assets when they…
27th September 2017

Shedding light on RoHS2

What is RoHS 2 and how does it affect my business? RoHS 2 stands for the Restriction of Hazardous…
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Our manufacturing and headquarters are based in Guernsey, Channel Islands with customer support in Maidenhead, UK. We welcome all enquiries either by phone or email. If you would like to learn or see more about our manufacturing facility then get in touch to arrange a visit. 

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